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Compliance consulting

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1. Special food formula registration consultation: 

  • China CCC & CQC mark certification​

Mainly including product test in China​, product test in Canada, factory pre inspection, trainning courses related to product certification, conformity assessment to self declaration, preparation of product certification documents and total solution for new documents.

  • Food regulation & Labeling​

Regulation and labeling compliance is very important for customs inspection and clearance when it comes to imported food products. China has strict requirements for product labeling, and information carried by the label has direct impact on business activities.

The definition of food label in the Chinese national standard includes all words (Chinese characters), graphics, symbols, and all descriptive contents. Therefore, Chinese food labeling is not just about the nutrition value label, but it involves the complete food packaging.

China national standards GB7718-2011 and GB28050-2011 contain general rules for pre-packaged food on: label content, label layout, nutritional values and nutritional claims. Failure to comply with these rules, even with seemingly small inaccuracies, may potentially lead to very expensive consequences. Format errors, incorrect food additive names, lack of contact information of a local representative, wrong nutrient test results are among main reasons for non-compliance and rejection by the Chinese authorities.

Every food product also has their own GB national standards with specific quality requirements. The Chinese national standards can have very different categorization methods and quality requirements compared to the North American standards, and Chinese food standards often have cross-references with other GB standards. No clear understanding of the Chinese standards of the product is one of the most costly mistakes.

Last but not the least, different local authorities in China may have different interpretation on the regulations and different control measures on import requirements. Exporting to different areas of China shall be treated seperately in order to avoid potential issues.

  • China import-export regulatory consultancy

CCIC Canada experts have a unique understanding of the intricacies and processes of China regulations and requirements. We help companies to achieve China import-export regulation compliance.

CCIC Canada provides regulatory assessment and strategic planning to support import-export activities for a wide variety of consumer products. Keeping up with the ever-changing Chinese regulatory landscape and the different regulations and standards. We identify relevant technical requirements and administrative procedures for your market of interest. We point out any data gaps and develop tailor-made solutions to ensure a timely and successful placement of your product in the Chinese market. Our regulatory services include:

  1. Product assessment and identification of current Chinese regulation and standards.

  2. Development of strategies for successful understanding and approaching the Chinese market.

  3. Third party advice on regulatory issues.

  4. Tailor made regulatory programs to ensure that your product remain compliant in changing regulatory climates.

Furthermore, CCIC Canada is hosting, exhibiting and presenting at many events and seminars. Don't miss out these opportunities to meet and learn from our technical and regulatory experts.

2. Consultation on Chinese market access for various types of food:

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